International Womens Day 2012

International Womens Day 2012


our poster for our Knitterstone Clee celebration of International Womens Day.

come along for a tea or coffee, knit and knatter and find out more about the project, also see some of what we’ve got so far!!




a quick tally this morning revealed that w now hav 1050 squares in our possesion! phew!! so thats just 699 to go!

Please let us know if you have made some so we can get them gathered in and counted!!


Looks like we’ll be putting the scarf on the Hill this Autumn!!!

what happens to the squares afterwards?

this is a question I am often asked, the answer is, that they will be made into blankets and given to local hopsices and care homes, some animal charities such as Happy Staffy Rescue have agreed to have some to keep their foster dogs warm and cosy and also Forest Dog Rescue.  If you know of any charities or organisations that would like blankets, from knee warmer size to double bed, please let us know! there will be a lot 🙂


halfway there!!

Hello again!! hope you had a fabulous Christmas, and here’s looking to a wonderful new year!

well at the last count, we have 875 so we’re officially halfway there!  only 874 to go! yay!

the Giants Scarf will be up there on the Hill in time for next Autumn all being well!!

Thanks to everyone who has made squares so far, please keep them coming in!



Knitterstone Knatter

Hello again! just to let you know that “Knitterstone Knatter” is now up and running! Bring along your latest crochet or knitting project on the 2nd Thursday of the month, (next one 8th Dec, weather permitting) 10am til 12 at Clee Hill Village Hall!

We will also be sewing together some more of the squares, so any help with that is appreciated!

Tea and Coffee is provided.

Phone me on 01584 891130 for more details!


441 and counting!!

yes folks! 441 squares handed in so far!! please keep them coming! we’ll be setting up a Knitterstone Knatter for October, where you can come along and Knit or Crochet with a cuppa, and other wool fans, and see what we’ve been up to!!

will keep you posted!



the squares so far

so far

268 so far, and many more promised, please keep them coming :))