Tomorrows the day!!!

Hello! well it’s nearly time for bed, just collecting together the things I need for tomorrow, needles and thread to sew the 8 sections together. check list checked, panics panicked and details detailed!

So we should be all ready.  Just waiting for the rain to stop, which I’m sure it will, and then it’ll be the day! One of the biggest days of my life. A dream becoming reality.

In the Shropshire Star and South Shropshire Journal tonight, and rumoured to be on Radio Shropshire’s breakfast show in the morning! It’s been a fabulously busy week.

It will work, and this time tomorrow, it will have happened and I’ll have watched the first episode of the new series of Merlin, and will be relaxing with a cup of tea and erm, some crochet! So many other projects have waited patiently for this to be done.  Blankets, dolls and random woolly creations, all starting to peep out of their bags and boxes, and whisper “chain 4, and slip stitch……”

See you there tomorrow if you can make it!

Love from Suzanne


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  1. Posted by Paul Engleheart on October 7, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Hello there, we met you at the top – I had a bunch of children in tow from Moffats School in Kinlet. What an amazing feat you have achieved! The Titterstone is a wonderful hill, such an iconic shape and so important to our part of the world. To happen by complete chance upon your project and have a tiny part in it was inspirational and very special. My very best wishes to you and to all your fellow knitters.

    I’ve posted a few photos I took. Please feel free to pass this link to any who might be interested


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