so what’s happened to the scarf?

It’s been a while, a very long while. so time to update a little.  

Blankets were made, (pics on our facebook page)

and the rest of the scarf has gone to be part of Wool Against Weapons.

Now all that remains is for the photos to be put together and the list of names of 1749 women, past, present and future, associated with Titterstone Clee to be compiled and sorted. 

Then the final step can be taken 🙂


The first blankets!

001 Auntie Hilda002 Jo
Well after a few weeks of sorting and de-hilling, we have the first two blankets made and ready to go.  The Blue one is for my Auntie Hilda who used to knit all our school cardigans, but is now in a home, due to ill health, and the Red one is for my sister who has a Coca Cola theme going on in her caravan!

There are other blankets being made, and some people have got their orders in. Keep checking back to see what other blankets we make up!

Leaving the Library

Rolling up the scarf

Rolling up the scarf

all bundled up

all bundled up

In the van!

In the van!

It only took 2 hours to take down the scarf, roll it up and stack it once more in the van, and Ludlow Library was suddenly lacking in colour and wool! The scarf is now being sorted out into colours, strips and sections, ready to be made into blankets! Some will go to Care homes, the Jubilee Squares will be going to the Queen, as a blanket, and the rest are up for grabs! if you would like some squares, or a blanket made from them, please get in touch! Squares are £1 each plus a little towards postage, and all money from the sale of the squares/blankets goes to the local charities! We’ve got lots to use up, so let’s get started!!

and now its in Ludlow Library for while at least!

and up on the trig point, will the hat too!

enough to take it up to the top!

All along the quarry floor, following the line of the ancient wall